Willett Photography is based out of Atlanta, Georgia with a satellite office located on Amelia Island, Florida. We are a full service boutique photography company that specializes in commercial, lifestyle and wedding photography. With a combined 18 years of photography experience, we invite you to learn more about our team!


GWILLETT2GREGG WILLETT  –  Owner, Principal Photographer

Gregg founded Gregg Willett Photography in 2004.  Having always garnered an interest and a keen eye for Architecture and Design,  he quickly rose to prominence as an architectural photographer in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast.  His clients include architects, builders, lifestyle magazines and commercial & residential interior designers.  In 2009, Gregg and Caroline launched The WILLETTS | Wedding Photography. Together, they cultivated a one of a kind boutique full service wedding photography experience for hundreds of special brides and their families!  Drawing from his experience in the architectural world, Gregg has a unique perspective of framing the surrounding environment to create a clean, crisp image.  Caroline and Gregg love what they do every step of the way and that will shine through on your wedding day and in your photos for years to come.



 CAROLINE WILLETT – Principal Photographer 

Caroline and Gregg met in 2008, and seeing the potential of expanding into the wedding world, Caroline (together with Gregg) launched Willett photography weddings. Finding inspiration in the beauty of the wedding day, and connecting with the wonderful families they capture, Caroline and Gregg have photographed hundreds of weddings together. As the lead corresponder with clients, Caroline can usually be found writing emails with witty dialogue. As the second principal photographer, she and Gregg quietly manage each wedding day with an artistic eye and a calm demeanor…..all while making you laugh and keeping things authentic. Caroline and Gregg married in 2011 which gave them a unique perspective into being on the other side of the lens and business. That viewpoint helped them understand how your wedding day photos are more than just snapshot.


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